Protect Your Smartphone, Enhance Employee Productivity and Build your Brand

     Phones have become an essential tool in modern day life. Long gone are the days in which phones were used to make phone calls and send text messages. Today we use our phones to join meetings; check the CRM and other company systems; record video and take photographs; edit PowerPoint presentations, among so many other activities. Our phones can do so much that we now call it a smart device!

     Therefore, smartphones are no longer a luxury personal item but an important working tool for productive employees. Professionals nowadays have active working lives in dynamic environments. Let’s examine some examples:

  1. Being on the road or working from home

Thanks to our smart enabled devices, most work-related tasks can be performed from almost any place in the world.  Executives travel by plane, train or car and they will most likely use their phones to double check addresses, check email and other messages, make hotel reservations, book a car, call the office, confirm meetings with customers, take pictures of meeting notes, and/or review invoices.

  1. Visiting customer facilities

Field engineers, salespeople, executives regularly visit customer or business partner facilities. During these visits, professionals will use their smartphones to take photos or videos, fill out maintenance or service forms, and/or quickly scan documents.

  1. Events and real-time situations

Professionals like marketers, journalists or PR executives have seen a growing dependence on smartphones to perform their activities. Social media has been a great influencer in this change. During events or on-the-go they might need to document new trends, find examples for inspiration, record real-life situations, monitor and update social media, record lead information, and/or conduct live video events/video calls.

     As you can see from the scenarios described above, the smartphone has become an essential tool for working professionals. The smartphone also represents a significant investment for most companies. For example, in 2019 it is expected that companies invest up to 10% of their IT hardware budget on tablets and mobile devices. This constitutes a significant investment which is on an upward trend1.

Given this investment, it is absolutely critical that companies do the following:

  • Protect the investment – Smartphone users accidentally damaged their phones: either by dropping the phones out of their hand or dropping their phones into liquid. In 2017, in the United States alone $3.4 Billion was spent to fix smartphones due to accidental drops. To avoid repair/replacement costs/lost time, companies need to make sure every company smartphone has a protective phone case. In addition, companies need to make sure that each professional is able to maintain a solid grasp on their smartphone while operating it to avoid dropped and damaged phones.
  • Enhance the investment – By taking advantage of the correct phone case accessory companies can improve employee productivity while offering a higher degree of safety, comfort and convenience. Did you know that 21% people use their smartphones while driving?2. As employees travel to unfamiliar cities, companies need to make sure their employees can use their GPS enabled smartphone with turn by turn direction while driving in a safe and convenient manner.
  • Build company branding – Adding your own brand to company devices not only helps to make people aware of your brand but it also helps you build a reputation of a serious and professional business. Companies can take advantage of this free marketing opportunity to allow your employees to take a company branded tool (in this case a smartphone) wherever the job takes them. Doing so will help make your customers feel confident in your professionalism and, ultimately, in your ability to deliver value.

     In conclusion, companies should not only provide state-of-the-art smartphone technology to their employees to facilitate their daily activities, but companies must also outfit that smartphone with the accessory that will protect their investment, enhance employee productivity and build their company brand.

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