Protection, Convenience and More Productivity Thanks to the SmartPhone Case

Nifticase is a multifunctional all-in-one iPhone case and mount that helps you be successful in an active work environment. The slim fitting, durable and protective case features a versatile flex band that gives you an all-around hands-free experience whether you are video chatting, watching movies, using GPS navigation in your car.

Protection -Durable, Slim iPhone Case

Nifticase is a phone case, made for iPhones 6 and up, that is crafted from incredibly durable and flexible plastic, so your phone is always protected.
Nifticase’s functionality is built directly into the case and, due to the patented flex band design, Nifticase remains slim and lightweight, so it’s not a burden to carry around, whether it’s in your pocket or in a bag.

Employee Productivity gain

Nifticase’s flex band can be used as a kickstand for three different positions: horizontal, vertical and angled.

The kickstand function allows your phone to be propped up on its own, completely hands-free, so that you can easily video chat, video stream, or even show a presentation.

Nifticase’s flex band can also be mounted vertically and horizontally to virtually anything.

While in a car, the flex band slips right into any car’s air vent, which makes using GPS while you drive safe and easy. The flex band mounts to a plane’s tray table lock as well, providing hands-free entertainment for your entire flight. You can even get creative and mount Nifticase on a water bottle or ontop of a soda can.

Nifticase’s flex band functions as a finger grip for when you’re holding your phone.

Slipping your finger through the flex band makes sure you always have a grip on your phone and can reach all parts of the screen while multitasking and avoiding the possibility of damaging the phone due to an accidental drop.


Nifticase is easily customizable. So, you can print your company logo directly on the case. This way your company asset is also a mini billboard being displayed everywhere your employee takes their smartphone.


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