About Us

In 2015, when creator Mauricio Cavalcante had just had his first son, he was also constantly traveling for work. He missed his family and stayed in constant touch through video calls. 

However, he noticed that many times when he called his wife, she was too busy taking care of their newborn to be able to hold the phone at the same time, which they both realized was a problem.

Mauricio sought out to find a solution for this issue. He purchased a small tripod so that his wife could mount her phone during their next FaceTime call. However, the next time he called, the tripod was not with his wife at that moment; it was nowhere to be found.

After that, he searched the entire internet for a suitable solution and found none that suited all of their needs. That’s when he decided to create the solution himself and Nifticase was born.

Mauricio Cavalcante is a creative problem solver with more than 15 years of experience in bringing new product creations to the world. He has been awarded multiple US and International patents which in turn have created significant value for companies and individuals all over the world. His designs focus is on simplicity, efficiency and usability.

Nifticase started from a personal problem then grew into a crowdfunding campaign to help make people's lives a little easier. when Mauricio is not solving unique problems, you can find him spending time with his wife and two sons.

Sport is also one of Mauricio's passions, from competing in triathlons to kicking the soccer ball in the backyard with his kids or attending major sporting events, if there is fun and competition involved, you can be sure that Mauricio will want to be a part of it.